Ariane 6 at ILA Berlin 2024

ASIM, jun 07

ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher announced at the ILA that the Ariane 6 will attempt its first launch on July 9. The Ariane 6, Europe’s new heavy lift launch vehicle, is set to replace the highly successful Ariane 5. This modular and agile vehicle features a reignitable upper stage, enabling it to execute multiple missions in different orbits during a single flight. Developed by ArianeGroup and its European partners, the ESA program aims to boost Arianespace’s efficiency and flexibility for a variety of commercial and institutional missions. A final qualification test of the launch system is scheduled, with a rehearsal on June 18 where the Ariane 6 will be fueled and defueled on its ELA-4 launch pad. You can see the Ariane today at ILA on the Plaza!

Illustration in flight
Spaceport Guyana

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