Editor ASIM, Sandro Villanes Rojas

Air&Spaceshows International 2024

Airshows International Magazine is a platform for international aerospace and aviation exhibitions, internationally known as Airshows or Spaceshows, such as the Dubai Airshow, Paris Airshow, or the Farnborough International Space Show. These shows are events where the latest advancements in the aerospace and aviation industry are showcased. Companies exhibit their products and services in a comfortable and pleasant environment where industry professionals and enthusiasts gather. These shows provide an ideal platform for conducting business, networking, exchanging ideas, attending conferences, and more. Additionally, the Air&Spaceshows attract general audiences from the host cities and abroad.

Air&Spaceshows take place in both odd and even years, each presenting its program during the scheduled days. They provide maps of the venue, lists of exhibitors, performances by aerobatic teams, as well as demonstrations and static displays of aircraft from various companies.

History about Air&Spaceshows International Magazine

International Airshows and aviation around the world began as an idea in 2002 but for different reasons their development was not possible at that time. After many years, during my Air War School in 2015 in the Peruvian Air Force, I started my research on Airshows again and finally finished it. So I submitted an article about Airshows to Air Space Power Journal and in 2016 it was published (Las exposiciones aeronáuticas internacionales y la aviación en el mundo). After that, I think outside the box and decided to create Air&Spaceshows International Magazine for all of you.