Asia-Pacific to add ‘1,500 military helicopters’ over next decade

ASIM, feb 22. Airbus foresees growth potential for its military helicopter business in the Asia-Pacific region, projecting the delivery of 1,500 new helicopters over the next decade by various rotorcraft manufacturers. Fabrice Rochereau, Airbus Helicopters vice-president/head of marketing and sales, noted at the Singapore Airshow that demand for military helicopters is expected to rise as Asia-Pacific military fleets undergo renewal and modernization, focusing on medium utility, specialized attack, and heavy combat and naval lift capabilities.

Rochereau highlighted Airbus’s comprehensive suite of military platforms, including the H225M and H145M, positioning the company well to capture a significant share of the increasing demand in the military segment. Airbus currently holds a quarter of the helicopter fleet share in the Asia-Pacific region, with 2,200 helicopters operating for civil, parapublic, and military missions.

The company views its versatile light-twin H145M as an ideal battlefield support helicopter, equipped with excellent performance, flight comfort, and mission-capable features. With over 500 aircraft delivered and some 60 helicopters on order, the H145M is already supporting ten defense forces globally, demonstrating its crucial capability in delivering troops and goods efficiently while providing the necessary power to support military operations.

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