Air Dominance Tomorrow at SGA 2024

ASIM, feb 22. In a rapidly changing global landscape with evolving threats, achieving air dominance tomorrow necessitates swift adaptation today. Lockheed Martin perceives air dominance within the framework of deterrence and, if necessary, enhancing mission success while prioritizing the safety of those in service. Platforms like the F-35 play a pivotal role in the next-generation air dominance ecosystem, where advanced networking and operational technologies are crucial. Integration across air and space domains remains a focal point, reflecting the commitment to providing resilient, survivable, and scalable systems.

Recognizing the significance of collaboration, Lockheed Martin actively engages with allied nations, industry partners, and global suppliers to facilitate future air dominance. Gratitude is extended to the Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers for hosting an exceptional event, and to all participants. Together, efforts are shaping the new era of aerospace technologies. (by Greg Ulmer)

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