ASIM, jul 08

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) promises to revolutionize urban and airport transportation with the introduction of Vertiports for eVTOLs, despite the challenges of scarce and expensive urban land. An innovative solution is to integrate Vertiports into existing parking structures, offering multiple advantages: efficient use of infrastructure, as parking structures are already profitable; temporal flexibility, reducing investment risk; and lower construction costs with accelerated implementation, thanks to GOLDBECK’s expertise in serial construction. The use of prefabricated modular components ensures sustainable, efficient, and rapid construction, while the high scalability and manageable financial risks make this concept viable for numerous locations.

Through a year-long research and planning initiative led by Airbus under the Air Mobility Initiative, amd.sigma and Munich Airport International have demonstrated that hybrid buildings combining Vertiports with parking and office spaces can be built serially. This new building typology not only facilitates urban mobility but also creates a new asset class. The realization of Vertiports in diverse locations, from airports to central urban areas, signifies the impending era of Electric Aviation, bringing urban mobility advancements closer to reality. (by amd.sigma)

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