Deutsche Aircraft Revises Entry into Service Timeline for the D328eco™ Regional Turboprop

ASIM, jul 05

Deutsche Aircraft, the pioneering German OEM, has announced a new entry into service (EIS) date for its D328eco, a 40-seater regional turboprop, now set for the fourth quarter of 2027. This adjustment aligns with updated regulatory requirements for a comprehensive certification process. After thorough internal reviews and extensive discussions with stakeholders, Deutsche Aircraft decided to revise the EIS timeline to incorporate additional capabilities and improvements into the D328eco. The company continues to work closely with operators and suppliers to enhance the aircraft’s features, such as improving its STOL performance and advanced avionics, ensuring it meets the highest market standards for both commercial and multi-role operations.

Despite the high pressure on the global aviation supply chain, Deutsche Aircraft benefits from robust support from its business partners and industry stakeholders. CEO Dave Jackson highlighted the program’s progress, including successful certification panels with EASA, construction of the Final Assembly Line in Leipzig, and securing over 95% of suppliers. The D328eco, building on the legacy of the D328-100, will feature state-of-the-art Garmin avionics and PW127XT-S engines compatible with SAF-PtL, positioning it as a leading 21st-century turboprop. The aircraft’s advanced features, such as a comfortable cabin and superior fuel efficiency, are set to revolutionize regional air travel, driven by the dedication of Deutsche Aircraft’s team and industry partners.

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