ASIM, jun 20

Amidst a period of significant transformation in the aerospace industry, the workforce is evolving faster than ever. Gareth Rogers, Chief Executive of Farnborough International, emphasizes the critical need to inspire future leaders and bridge the persistent skills gap, highlighting an estimated shortfall of over 173,000 professionals in the STEM fields over the past four years.

The theme of workforce development is a key topic throughout the five days of FIA2024, culminating on the final day with the Pioneers of Tomorrow event. This event, targeting students and young professionals aspiring to enter the aerospace sector, aims to motivate future generations and provide companies with a platform to showcase their opportunities. Attendees can discover cutting-edge technologies transforming sector automation and connect with industry leaders striving to address the workforce shortages. Pioneers of Tomorrow welcomes everyone, regardless of age or background, from aviation enthusiasts to newcomers exploring aerospace for the first time.

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