Lockheed Martin Selected To Develop Next Generation Weather Satellite Constellation

ASIM, jun 20

NASA has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to develop the next-generation weather satellite constellation, Geostationary Extended Observations (GeoXO), for NOAA. The initial contract includes three spacecraft, with options for four more, totaling an estimated $2.27 billion. GeoXO will build on the capabilities of the GOES-R Series, enhancing weather forecasting and environmental monitoring, including new observations of oceans and air pollution. This advancement aims to provide more accurate data and address emerging environmental challenges, reinforcing national resilience and safety.

The GeoXO satellites, slated for launch in the early 2030s, will utilize Lockheed Martin’s advanced LM2100™ satellite bus featuring SmartSat™ technology for adaptable environmental data management. These satellites will offer unprecedented geostationary observations of coastal ecosystems, real-time atmospheric mapping, enhanced lightning monitoring, and air quality measurements across the continental U.S. Lockheed Martin’s extensive experience, with over 120 weather and environmental spacecraft launched, underpins the development of GeoXO, continuing its legacy of pioneering weather monitoring technology. The final spacecraft in the current series, GOES-U, is set to launch in June 2024.

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