Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 2024

ASIM, jun17

The first week of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS2024) features various side events:

  1. “Saudi Towards Space: Igniting the Space Sector,” by the Saudi Space Agency.
  2. “Latest developments in space debris mitigation and remediation,” co-organized by UNOOSA and Japan.
  3. “Sustainable Lunar Environment: Challenges and Opportunities,” by COSPAR, the International Astronomical Union, For All Moonkind, Inc., and the Moon Village Association.
  4. “The Italian Spaceway: Towards the International Astronautical Congress 2024, Milan,” organized by Italy.
  5. “The European Union Space Programme and International Cooperation for the Implementation of the SDGs,” by the EU, Chile, Panama, and the Philippines.
  6. “Preserving Dark and Quiet Skies – Responsible Behaviour for Science and Development,” by the Permanent Missions of Chile and Spain.
  7. “Empowering Africa: Leveraging Space Technologies for Development,” organized by South Africa.
  8. “Space Situational Awareness Activities and Global Coordination,” by the USA.
  9. “Sustainability of space activities: a perspective from the French space industry,” organized by France.
  10. “4th Inter-Regional Space Policy Dialogue Between Asia-Pacific and Europe,” co-organized by Japan and the European Space Policy Institute.

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