Zephyr returns to flight season

ASIM, jun 13

On May 31, 2024, AALTO successfully launched, tested, and landed its instrumented Zephyr Test Vehicle (IZTV) from the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. This dedicated Zephyr test aircraft is equipped with newly developed advanced flight control laws.

This achievement marks the start of this year’s comprehensive flight season and the completion of successful tests. The latest test enhances Zephyr’s tropospheric robustness at low altitudes, a previously challenging atmospheric layer for operational HAPS. In line with AALTO’s commitment to continuous performance improvement, Zephyr’s advanced flight control laws and tests are valuable, opening up expanded operational capabilities.

We now focus on experimental flights to be launched from our AALTOPORT in Kenya in the coming months, the first permanent global launch and landing site for Zephyr.

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