ASIM, jun 06

New experimental aircraft to test innovative technologies: Kommando Luftwaffe, Airbus Defence and Space, MBDA Deutschland, Diehl Aerospace (Diehl Aviation), and German FCMS GbR (Diehl Defence, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, HENSOLDT, and Rohde & Schwarz) have signed a memorandum of understanding at ILA Berlin. The partners aim to collaborate on integrating technology modules and demonstrate them on a “STAR demonstrator” to ensure these technologies are ready for quick deployment.

STAR, standing for “System and Teaming Advanced Research,” is based on an existing two-seat Eurofighter from the air force. The STAR Eurofighter will feature a modified rear cockpit and a modular avionics and communication pod. This setup, along with additional flying platforms, aims to demonstrate and finalize the integration of piloted and unpiloted elements by the end of the 2020s. Furthermore, the STAR experimental aircraft will support other national research projects, particularly in human-machine interfaces, integrated modular avionics, future training concepts, and interoperability with existing fighter planes such as the Eurofighter and the F-35. Sensor technology, networked weapons, and electronic warfare will also be key study areas. The objective is to quickly and pragmatically integrate these technologies for future use in the European Future Combat Air System (FCAS), which aims to be operational by 2040. FCAS will consist of a system of systems, focusing on a new generation fighter (NGF) and drones (Remote Carrier) networked with other systems via a Multi-Domain Combat Cloud (MDCC).

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