MBDA (RCM²) at ILA Berlin 24

ASIM, may 31

Developed by MBDA in Germany, the RCM² is designed for a wide range of applications and combat weight, offering effectiveness at both short and long distances. It features loitering capability and can engage targets in GPS-denied environments. The interactive control and transfer of control of the missile swarms can be handled by any operator within the network. The launch platform and control domain for RCM² are flexible and can be adapted to operational needs, allowing for cross-service use of the Remote Carrier. In future iterations, RCM² will gather sensor-based reconnaissance and targeting data, providing real-time situational awareness. As a key partner in the Next Generation Weapon System within the FCAS program, MBDA, in collaboration with Spanish partner SATNUS, is advancing the technological development of Remote Carriers. MBDA, along with subsidiaries Bayern-Chemie and TDW and the joint venture COMLOG, will be present at Germany’s leading aerospace trade show, showcasing around 50 high-tech systems through models, products, and virtual reality demonstrations across five different booths.

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