Airbus to establish Tech Hub in Japan

ASIM, may 23

Airbus has announced plans to establish a Tech Hub in Japan to advance aerospace research, technology, and innovation, focusing on new materials, decarbonisation technologies, robotics, and automation. Coordinated from Tokyo, this initiative aims to develop partnerships in Japan to prepare for the next generation of aircraft.

The launch, supported by the Japanese and French governments, was announced at Viva Technology 2024 in Paris, one of the world’s largest technology exhibitions featuring Japan as the country of honor. Representatives from the Japan Embassy in France, the French Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC), the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and Airbus attended. Yoshio Ando, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Japan in France, emphasized the hub’s role in addressing social issues like aviation decarbonisation. Ravo Randria from DGAC highlighted the collaborative environment the hub will create. Sabine Klauke, Chief Technology Officer at Airbus, expressed pride in launching the hub, emphasizing Japan’s importance for future partnerships. The Airbus Tech Hub in Japan is part of a global network, with similar hubs in Singapore and the Netherlands, fostering collaboration among Airbus’s global R&T teams, industry leaders, and academic institutions to advance aerospace technology.

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