Air Passenger Market

Director ASIM Sandro VR, may 21

Industry total Revenue Passenger-Kilometers (RPK) maintained a positive trajectory in March, growing 13.8% annually, driven mainly by strong international traffic momentum. Passenger load factors (PLF) were higher compared to previous years, while available seat capacity continued to rise with increasing demand. Domestic traffic grew by 6.6% over the year, with PR China being the fastest-growing market among those monitored, showing a 17.6% YoY growth. All markets saw solid RPK increases, keeping industry growth within the pre-pandemic average pace. International traffic showed resilient momentum in March, with an 18.9% YoY growth in RPK across the industry. Traffic from Asia Pacific surged rapidly, while other regions maintained consistent results compared to the previous month. International air services to and from PR China improved significantly compared to last year, although connectivity to North America remained affected by ongoing geopolitical tensions. (By IATA)

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