Future Combat Air and Space Capabilities Summit 2024

ASIM, may 09

The RAeS FCAS Summit (on 21-23 May 2024) stands as a premier global event in the fighter aircraft community, attracting defense leaders, allied nations, and industry experts. Expanding on the success of the sold-out 2023 Summit, this year’s extended three-day gathering serves as a focal point for discussions on the evolving landscape of air and space combat, emphasizing advancements in combat aircraft, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and mobility technologies. Highlighting cutting-edge projects such as GCAP, FCAS, and NGAD, alongside collaborative endeavors among the UK and its allies, the summit draws insights from recent conflicts to inform future defense strategies and reshape air force doctrines for upcoming conflicts. Key discussions will explore the changing nature of warfare, envisioning the air force of tomorrow, while delving into modernization efforts across various countries, including the UK, US, France, Lithuania, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and Greece, to pioneer the next generation of aerial combat tactics and readiness.

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