What’s Next @ Singapore Airshow

ASIM, feb 23. From artificial intelligence to quantum technologies, What’s Next @ Singapore Airshow showcased the most exciting startups in the aviation space, all aimed at driving efficiency, visibility, and growth in the industry. Meet the entrepreneurial minds behind 3IPK’s blockchain aerospace solution and KeepFlying’s digital financial twin and their thoughts on the innovations that are critically needed today.

“We harness the power of enterprise blockchain for data integrity, data validation, and traceability in the aerospace industry, including both space and aviation sectors. Our goal is to provide technologies that connect everyone in the supply chain without the need to integrate their systems directly; that is the key to what we do.,” said Ashley Reeves, Head Of Asia Pacific at 3IPK. “Tools and platforms that allow faster, accurate interpretation of complex Airworthiness & Maintenance Data Sets to aid commercial decision making can reduce avoidable expenses as part of Maintenance, Aircraft & Engine Transitions and Redeliveries. For MROs, within the boundaries of fixed price contracts, using data science puts users at an advantage of increasing slot profitability.,” added Chandrasekhar Jayaramakrishnan, Chief Product Officer at KeepFlying.

Ashley Reeves Chandrasekhar Jayaramakrishnan
Head Of Asia Pacific, 3IPK Chief Product Officer, KeepFlying

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