Flying displays at SGA 2024

ASIM, feb 23. Singapore Airshow 2024 featured the largest number of flying teams in the event’s history, with each delivering spectacular aerial displays throughout the week. The Indonesian Air Force’s Jupiter Aerobatic Team amazed spectators with a variety of stunts performed by their signature red and white KT-1B Wongbee aircraft, while the Roulettes from the Royal Australian Air Force showcased their aerobatics and precise low-level flying skills.

Additionally, the Republic of Korea Air Force’s Black Eagles captivated the audience with a series of formations, including their iconic “Taegeuk”, forming the Republic of Korea flag with display smoke. The Republic of Singapore Air Force illuminated the skies with an integrated display featuring the F-15SG fighter aircraft and AH-64D Apache helicopter, demonstrating remarkable coordination and precision. Furthermore, the United States Air Force’s B-52 Stratofortress made its inaugural appearance at Singapore Airshow 2024, adding further excitement to the event.

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