AeroForum: China-Singapore Bilateral Aviation Forum

ASIM, feb 22. Amidst the aviation sector’s recovery, international cooperation emerges as increasingly vital. At Singapore Airshow 2024, industry leaders from China and Singapore engaged in dynamic discussions on technological innovation and the potential for international collaboration.

With anticipated robust growth in the Asia-Pacific region in the coming decades, conversations underscored the pivotal role of emerging technologies. These include electrification, advanced propulsion systems, generative AI, and SAF, which promise to not only revolutionize air travel efficiency but also advance global and industry sustainability objectives. The forum delved into reshaping business strategies for sustainable growth in MRO and manufacturing, stressing the importance of bolstering supply chain resilience, fostering collaborative partnerships, embracing data-driven customer-centric approaches, and prioritizing capability development. These efforts are deemed essential for positioning businesses to surmount challenges, enhance efficiency, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Participants echoed a shared belief that international cooperation, involving the private sector, government, and research institutions in a coordinated and collaborative manner, holds the potential to optimize the entire aviation industry. Discussions also spotlighted synergistic opportunities for collaborative advancement within the China-Singapore MRO industry, leveraging respective competitive advantages.

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