Bombardier’s Proven Global 7500 Makes Debut at Singapore Airshow 2024

ASIM, feb. 19. Bombardier has announced its debut of the industry-leading Global 7500 aircraft at the Singapore Airshow from February 20 to 25, showcasing its revolutionary design, unparalleled performance, and remarkable technological advancements. Renowned as the longest-range purpose-built business jet globally, the Global 7500 has redefined business aviation, boasting a range exceeding 8,225 nautical miles and a fleet dispatch reliability surpassing 99.8% through over 100,000 flight hours, demonstrating its reliability and demand.

Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President of Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense, highlighted the Global 7500’s distinction as the epitome of craftsmanship, innovation, and performance. With its top speed reaching Mach 0.925 and a range of 7,700 nautical miles, the jet has set numerous speed and distance records, solidifying its position as the premier choice for long-distance travel in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, the aircraft’s engineering excellence, including the technologically advanced Smooth Flĕx Wing and luxurious cabin amenities like the Nuage seat and Soleil lighting system, ensures unparalleled comfort, productivity, and sustainability for discerning travelers.

The Global 7500 aircraft stands as an engineering marvel, offering passengers an unparalleled in-flight experience characterized by supreme luxury and cutting-edge technology. With its exceptional performance capabilities and meticulously designed interiors, the Global 7500 sets a new standard for business aviation, embodying Bombardier’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. Visitors to the Singapore Airshow can experience the Global 7500 firsthand by scheduling appointments for an exclusive viewing, showcasing its unrivaled features and capabilities.

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