GE Aerospace’s Türkiye Technology Center Opens New Location

ASIM, jun 27

GE Aerospace engineers are now based in Istanbul’s Kartal district, working at the new Maya office tower as part of the Türkiye Technology Center (TTC). They focus on advanced projects such as the GE9X engine, software solutions, additive manufacturing, and the CFM RISE program. The new TTC campus, officially opened on June 7 with notable officials in attendance, will host nearly 400 engineers and technicians. This center is a crucial component of GE Aerospace’s presence in Türkiye, which includes thousands of engines in operation, support for the country’s defense, and a major engine component manufacturer, TEI, a joint venture with Turkish Aerospace Industries.

Aybike Molbay, general manager of the TTC, emphasized the global impact of the engineers’ work, noting their contributions to both local and international projects. Complementing the Kartal office’s design and software engineering efforts, the TTC’s labs in Gebze provide prototyping, manufacturing, and repair engineering solutions. These facilities include an Additive Research Lab for 3D-printed components, a Thermofluid Lab for thermal technology tests, and an Advanced Manufacturing and Repair Shop for prototype development. Türkiye’s aviation industry plays a vital role in its economic plans, with GE Aerospace’s operations in the country benefiting from a skilled workforce and proximity to key commercial and defense customers. The TTC team’s work supports the broader goal of net zero emissions by 2050, showcasing their contribution to the future of flight.

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