Embraer delivers the 2th KC-390 Millennium to the Portuguese Air Force

ASIM, jun 26

Embraer delivered the second KC-390 multi-mission aircraft to the Portuguese Air Force (FAP), equipped with standard NATO equipment and compliant with Portugal’s National Aeronautical Authority requirements. This delivery is part of a 2019 order for five KC-390 aircraft, which includes a comprehensive services and support package along with a flight simulator. The first aircraft began service in October 2023 at Beja Air Base. Embraer’s CEO, Bosco da Costa Junior, emphasized the importance of this delivery for increasing the aircraft’s market recognition among NATO nations and highlighted the long-term strategic partnership with the Portuguese Air Force.

General João Cartaxo Alves, Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Air Force, noted that the integration of the second KC-390 will enhance their operational missions and prepare additional crew members and technicians. Since its introduction with the Brazilian Air Force in 2019 and the Portuguese Air Force in 2023, the C-390 has demonstrated high reliability and performance, accumulating over 13,000 flight hours with a mission completion rate above 99%. The C-390, capable of carrying 26 tons, flying at 470 knots, and performing various missions including cargo transport, medical evacuation, and firefighting, has proven its versatility and operational capacity, including its aerial refueling capabilities.

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