Launching the Future, Making the UK’s Space Ambitions a Reality

ASIM, jun 25

At Farnborough, visitors can learn about Lockheed Martin’s ongoing projects, their efforts to cultivate the future space workforce, and initiatives to make space careers a tangible reality for the next generation. Lockheed Martin UK is dedicated to advancing the UK space sector, aiming to position the country as a global leader, and driving economic benefits nationwide. Their ambitious plans include providing comprehensive onshore space systems capabilities, from concept to manufacturing and launch. They also focus on developing a skilled workforce through various STEM activities, such as Space Camps in collaboration with Viasat, which aim to inspire students and encourage diverse participation in space careers.

Lockheed Martin is leading the development of NESST, the North East Space Skills and Technology Centre, a £50 million project with Northumbria University and the UK Space Agency. This facility will become a hub for world-class space research and development, fostering collaboration between academia and industry to advance UK space technology and boost the economy. Additionally, Lockheed Martin’s partnership with the UK Government includes a project to conduct a vertical satellite launch from the UK, enhancing economic and security benefits. The company emphasizes the importance of a robust space economy for national defense and protection, and is committed to delivering space protection capabilities and climate intelligence to address the climate crisis.

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