Excellent news for the Eurofighter program at ILA Berlin 24

ASIM, jun 05

Day one at ILA 24 Berlin was impressive for Eurofighter, marked by two major announcements.

First, the new P4E SD package with NETMA was unveiled. P4E will bring numerous advancements to #Typhoon, including:

  • An improved cockpit interface
  • Automated sensor management capability for all radars
  • Enhanced radio frequency interoperability
  • Enhanced electronic warfare capabilities

The second announcement came from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who revealed the purchase of 20 additional Typhoon jets. Speaking at the show’s opening, Chancellor Scholz stated that Germany will order the aircraft before the end of the current legislative session, in addition to the 38 aircraft already in production. This is excellent news for the Eurofighter program and our industry partners, highlighting Germany’s long-term commitment to the Typhoon. (By Giancarlo Mezzanatto)

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