ASIM, jun 03

The aviation supplier develops leading technologies worldwide for aircraft cabins, flight control, and military applications. At ILA 2024, the company will showcase its latest innovations and products across multiple exhibition areas. This year, the aviation supplier will primarily focus on avionics, featuring its high-performance computer platforms, and on sustainability. Diehl Aviationspecializes in developing high-performance avionics systems that enable pilots and crews to control and monitor the entire airplane and communicate with ground stations. At ILA 2024, Diehl will present the newest modular computer platforms, which can be used for multiple systems and applications simultaneously. An interactive exhibit will demonstrate how these flexible and scalable systems can be implemented in various aircraft, saving space and weight. Avionics is also crucial in the development of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS), which requires processing massive amounts of data securely in real time via a combat cloud. At ILA 2024, Diehl Aerospace will showcase solutions for powerful, reliable computers.

As a leader in lightweight solutions, Diehl Aviation significantly contributes to the ecologically efficient air travel of tomorrow. At ILA 2024, the company will present essential products, including the latest lightweight solutions used in air taxis and eVTOLs. Another focus will be on ecologically efficient products and solutions for modern passenger aircraft, such as the revolutionary ECO sidewall, which saves around 10 percent in weight compared to current technology, reducing the carbon footprint in production by 19 percent and carbon emissions in the airplane by 10 percent. Diehl Aviation’s ECO Sidewall recently won the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award. Diehl will showcase the potential for ecological efficiency in aviation with its ECO Efficiency Demonstrator. Visitors can explore models featuring carbon emission reduction technologies, recyclable or bio-based materials, weight-saving methods, and waste reduction in production. Diehl Aviation’s exhibits will be in Booth 210 in Hall 2. The company will also present the “Future Cabin” in the Future Lab, offering a glimpse into the future of passenger cabins with innovative designs and smart technology. This exhibit can be found in Hall 2, Booth 220, as part of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) display. Additionally, Diehl Aerospace will exhibit technologies for the German armed forces in the Military Support Center in Hall 3, and as an employer in the Talent Lounge in Hall 6, with opportunities for young talent to learn about career possibilities from June 7 to 9, 2024.

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