Micro Vapor Cycle System (VCS)

ASIM, may 13

High temperatures are a formidable enemy for today’s leading military aircraft, ground vehicles and naval vessels, which are packed with electronic systems generating a lot of heat. The problem is conventional cooling systems are often too big and heavy to cool sensitive electronics on defense platforms where size and weight really matter.

Enter Honeywell’s new Micro Vapor Cycle System (VCS). Building on our long legacy of thermal control technologies for military applications, the MicroVCS packs a lot of performance in a small, light and highly efficient package, according to Matt Milas, President of Honeywell’s Defense and Space business.

“The MicroVCS addresses the size-weight challenge with a design that is significantly smaller and as much as 35% lighter than conventional systems,” Milas said. “This is truly a breakthrough technology that is poised to redefine the way defense platforms are cooled, which will enhance their mission readiness and ensure success in even the most challenging operating environments.”

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