Pedro Paulet, the Peruvian who dreamed of going to the moon

ASIM, may 04

A Peruvian individual once harbored a lifelong ambition of setting foot on the moon and dedicated his entire existence to inching closer to this aspiration. This individual is Pedro Paulet, renowned as one of Peru’s most inspiring engineering minds. Paulet’s lunar dream traces back to his upbringing in Taibaya (Arequipa) at the turn of the 19th century, where he experimented with crafting fireworks using reeds and gunpowder during his childhood.

His profound fascination with astronautics was sparked unexpectedly through his friendship with a French priest named Hipót Duhame, who served as his mentor and guide. One pivotal day, the priest gifted Paulet a copy of Jules Verne’s renowned work “From the Earth to the Moon.” This literary treasure swiftly became Paulet’s most cherished possession, along with other titles by the French author that fueled his futuristic imagination and served as the catalyst for his ambitious scientific endeavors.

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