ILA Berlin – REPORT 2022

Editor ASIM, Sandro VR

The European Commission played a pivotal role as a strategic partner of ILA in 2022, aligning with the event’s mission to bolster Europe’s technology leadership and foster sustainability in aerospace, encapsulated by the theme “Airborne in Europe.” This partnership underscored ILA’s commitment to advancing the future of aviation and aerospace through collaboration with key stakeholders.

ILA Berlin 2022 witnessed a robust turnout, with approximately 72,500 visitors, 550 exhibitors representing 80 countries, and 800 journalists covering the event. The introduction of the innovative ILA STAGES offered a diverse program featuring 360 speakers engaged in expert talks, panel discussions, debates, and science slams, exploring the emerging trends shaping the aerospace industry. Additionally, the CareerHub initiative facilitated networking opportunities for students, young professionals, and seasoned industry experts, fostering career advancement and offering invaluable insights into the dynamic world of aviation and aerospace. With the introduction of ILA DIGITAL, participants were granted virtual access to a significant portion of the event, enabling engagement through product presentations, matchmaking, lead generation, and personal meetings in digital spaces, thus extending ILA’s reach and facilitating meaningful interactions among aerospace pioneers.

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