International Paris Airshow 2023 – Report

Editor ASIM Sandro VR, march 28

After a hiatus of four years, this latest edition of the show served as a moment of reunion, collaboration, and dialogue for professionals across the aerospace sector. Positioned as a central hub for the industry’s economic activity and a showcase for its ecosystem, the event brought together key stakeholders, including 2,498 exhibitors, 300 start-ups, 293,000 visitors, and 1,850 journalists. With nearly $150 billion worth of contracts signed, the show provided an unparalleled platform for networking, business opportunities, and knowledge exchange. Throughout the week, a multitude of events took place, from the successful Paris Air Lab focusing on air transport decarbonization to the introduction of the Paris Air Mobility, uniting global leaders in urban air mobility. Additionally, initiatives like the Start-Me-Up program, aimed at nurturing startup talent, and career-focused events like “L’Avion des Métiers” and “l’Aéro Recrute” contributed to the show’s vibrancy and diversity.

The show’s appeal extended beyond industry professionals to the general public, with various events organized during the Public Weekend, catering to all age groups. Visitors had the opportunity to marvel at the 150 aircraft showcased in the static display area and enjoy the captivating air shows held every afternoon. The event’s international prominence was further underscored by the presence of 322 official delegations from over 100 countries, including a visit from the French President and a significant portion of the French government. Overall, the show’s resounding success not only reaffirmed its status as a premier aerospace event but also highlighted its pivotal role in driving innovation, collaboration, and progress within the global aviation community.

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