Vertical Aviation International Launches a New Era in Vertical Flight

ASIM, feb 27.

Vertical Aviation International (VAI) emerges as the rebranded identity for the Helicopter Association International (HAI), in response to the growing needs of the vertical aviation industry. With an inclusive approach, VAI invites all stakeholders, including manufacturers, operators, suppliers, pilots, and maintenance technicians, involved in vertical or short takeoff and landing aircraft. Nicole Battjes, the chair of the VAI Board of Directors, emphasizes the association’s commitment to leading the evolution and expansion of vertical flight, aiming to safeguard airspace access, enhance safety measures, and empower communities through vertical flight capabilities.

Expanding its scope beyond helicopters, VAI aims to advocate for all vertical aviation sectors, fostering collaboration and addressing common challenges such as infrastructure development and technology integration. James Viola, VAI’s president and CEO, highlights the essential role of vertical aviation in modern society, emphasizing the association’s mission to facilitate industry growth through connectivity, advocacy, safety initiatives, education, and member support.

The decision to rebrand reflects the industry’s rapid growth and technological advancements. Alongside the new identity, VAI introduces VERTICON as its annual conference and trade show, set to convene thousands of professionals in Dallas in March 2025. As part of its rebranding efforts, VAI is launching a new website,, to provide comprehensive information and resources for industry stakeholders, demonstrating its commitment to serving the evolving needs of the vertical aviation community.

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