The International Airlines Symposium (IAS) 2024

ASIM, feb 24. The International Airlines Symposium (IAS), an established annual conference dating back to 1988, draws top executives and experts from around the globe to discuss significant issues within the aviation sector. Scheduled from February 27th to 29th in Hanoi, IAS 2024 will focus on the theme “Navigating Aviation in a Never Normal World,” featuring four discussion sessions covering a range of topics pertinent to the evolving landscape of the aviation industry. These discussions will delve into current trends impacting airlines, strategies for enhancing operational efficiency and service quality, achieving simplicity, convenience, speed, and sustainability, as well as the role of AI in addressing industry and passenger concerns.

Vietnam Airlines is proud to serve as the host airline for the International Airlines Symposium 2024, reinforcing its role as Vietnam’s National Flag Carrier and a key player in the country’s aviation industry, while also showcasing the international community’s confidence in Vietnam’s capabilities.

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