See you tomorrow at Singapore Airshow 2024!

ASIM. Following two editions of restricted participation and engagement with our industry and business partners and friends, we are once again, coming together in full force to continue to drive transformation across the globe at Singapore Airshow 2024.

As a strategic global node in the heart of Asia Pacific’s vibrant aviation industry, Singapore Airshow 2024 is delighted to welcome over 1,000 participating companies from more than 50 countries/regions and VIP delegations from around the world. And I am especially thrilled to welcome new participating companies, and new country pavilions in China, Czech Republic, and Korea for their perspectives, thought leadership and innovations in an ecosystem that promotes partnership.

The spirit of collaboration is evident in this edition’s AeroForum that will be presenting its largest volume of strategic conversations with five esteemed industry partners: a total of nine panel discussions featuring 36 panel speakers and 10 moderators with deep expertise in the aviation sector and beyond; in topics spanning aviation leadership, sustainable aviation, advanced air mobility, and China-Singapore bilateral cooperation.

More than these, a host of programmes await, so do stay tuned with our daily Airborne all of this week; as we share daily programmes and each day’s highlights. 

As we gather tomorrow, we look forward to catching up with you, making new contacts and renewing old ties on ways to transform the aviation industry for the better. ( by LECK Chet Lam Managing Director, Experia)

See you at Singapore Airshow 2024.

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