Aerospace & Defence Brands

Sandro VR, Editor ASIM

In the top 10 of the strongest brands (Brand Finance) in the aerospace and defense industry in 2023, the leadership of the USA is evident, while Embraer – Brazil occupies the 22nd position out of 25 companies in The annual report on the most valuable and strongest Aerospace & Defense brands 2023. One way to measure the Aerospace & Defense Industry is through Airshows; at the Dubai Airshow 2023, Boeing received orders for 295 aircraft in 4 out of the 5 days of the event, totaling approximately USD $160 billion. This amount was solely from Boeing. On the other hand, Peru’s GDP as of 2022 was approximately USD $245 billion. Thus, the A&D industry is a cluster that, in its commercial dynamics, can surpass countries in terms of GDP. In this context, Airshows are international events where the aforementioned industry is showcased through a dynamic platform of business, meetings, conferences, air exhibitions, etc., for individuals and entities associated with the aerospace and defense industry. Now, PromPeru aims to make Peru a showcase for “high-impact international events.” Therefore, it is suggestive to organize the “Peru Airshow” in Lima, taking advantage of the natural amphitheater formed along the coastline from Chorrillos to La Punta. This would effectively include Peru in the dynamics of this cluster, with both direct and indirect advantages.

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