The Aerospace Global Forum 2024

ASIM, jul 01

The Aerospace Global Forum (AGF), a groundbreaking global platform dedicated to driving change and immediate action toward a net-zero economy, is set to return to the Farnborough International Airshow 2024. Created by Farnborough International, AGF unites global leaders across various industries and geographies to foster discussions and tackle issues, aiming to improve the world through the lens of aerospace. It will set the future agenda for the aerospace and defense sectors, focusing on developing new skills in sustainability and defense. This forward-thinking forum offers an immersive platform for change-makers to connect and learn through a diverse five-day program featuring influential thought leaders and impactful discussions. Partnering with top consultancies like McKinsey and KPMG, as well as government officials and industry associations, AGF aims to promote cross-sector collaboration to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate progress towards a net-zero future. Gareth Rogers, CEO of Farnborough International, emphasized AGF’s role as a catalyst for progress and a key feature of the Airshow, highlighting the aerospace industry’s crucial role in global decarbonization and security.

Key sessions will cover topics such as digital innovation in aircraft maintenance, transitioning from ambition to action in aviation sustainability, the value of talent in aerospace and defense, opportunities within AUKUS Pillar II, and the future of space domain defense.

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