Eurodrone’s Preliminary Design Review

ASIM, may 16

The Eurodrone programme, led by Airbus Defence and Space, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR). This crucial phase, conducted in collaboration with OCCAR and representatives from France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, along with the three Major Sub-Contractors, marks a key step forward in the project. The PDR signifies the advancement and maturity of the aircraft’s initial design, providing a solid foundation to progress to the detailed design phase. Various technical evaluations, including Wind Tunnel Testing and the validation of a fully representative Digital Twin, have contributed to this achievement, confirming the aerodynamic configuration and operational capability of the Eurodrone.

The completion of the PDR underscores the Eurodrone programme’s integration of both physical and digital design philosophies from its inception. This approach has facilitated a comprehensive assessment of the aircraft’s design and operational aspects, ensuring that it meets the requirements set forth by the customer nations. With the successful PDR behind them, the programme is now poised to move forward with confidence towards further development stages, guided by a thorough understanding of its design and capabilities.

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