The Ministry of Defense of Honduras has acquired two additional Airbus H145 helicopters

ASIM, apr 22

The Ministry of Defense of Honduras has expanded its fleet with the acquisition of two additional Airbus H145 helicopters, enhancing the capabilities of the Honduran Air Force for various missions such as passenger and cargo transport, search and rescue, firefighting, and medical evacuation. This procurement complements the initial order placed in April 2023 for two H145s, slated for delivery by the end of 2024. José Manuel Zelaya, Minister of Defense of Honduras, emphasized the significance of these helicopters in addressing the country’s needs for modern, versatile aircraft to tackle challenges posed by hurricanes, natural disasters, and fires, ensuring the safety and security of the population.

Alberto Robles, Head of Airbus Helicopters in Latin America, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration with Honduras, recognizing the pivotal role of the H145s in safeguarding the Honduran people. The H145’s adaptability to diverse climatic and geographic conditions, coupled with its operational reliability and safety features, make it an ideal choice for essential missions. The aircraft’s upgraded version with five blades offers enhanced payload capacity and passenger comfort, further enhancing its suitability for firefighting operations, especially in challenging environments. With a large global fleet and millions of flight hours logged, the H145 has established itself as a dependable and versatile platform, with over 120 units serving in Latin America, ensuring swift response capabilities during emergencies.

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