The Psyche mission is a journey to a unique metal-rich asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.

ASIM, apr 11

The Psyche mission embarks on a voyage to explore an extraordinary metal-rich asteroid situated in the solar system’s asteroid belt, positioned between Mars and Jupiter. What sets the asteroid Psyche apart is its composition, believed to be the exposed core of an ancient protoplanet, shedding light on the formation of celestial bodies within our solar system.

While the metallic cores of terrestrial planets like Earth remain concealed beneath layers of rock, Psyche offers a rare opportunity to study such a core up close. By delving into Psyche’s composition and structure, scientists aim to unravel the turbulent history of cosmic collisions and accretion that shaped the terrestrial planets. Led by Arizona State University, the mission involves NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory overseeing mission management and operations, while Maxar (formerly SSL) constructs the spacecraft’s solar-electric propulsion chassis, equipped with essential instruments including an imager, magnetometer, and gamma-ray spectrometer. (It is estimated that the gold located on the asteroid has an approximate value of 700 trillion dollars). (By NASA)

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